Student Government Association/Student Council

                       Wetumpka High School Student Council and Student Government Association is an organization that gives students a voice and allows active participation in many school activities.  To be apart of the organization you have to run for office and be elected.  Each student has to fulfill requirements to be eligible for elections.  As a student, you must have a 3.0 or higher GPA.  In addition, students running cannot have a Class II offense or higher.  Finally, students must demonstrate strong leadership qualities such as dedication, willingness and determination.  Students also need to be moral and work well with other students.  Elections are held at the end of the school year so offices can be in place for the upcoming school year. 

            As a representative for Wetumpka High School, you will participate in such activities as Homecoming. The Homecoming Queen is crowned at the football game.  Other activities also include a yearly blood drive sponsored by Lifesouth to aid the community.  In addition, this organization would like to start or aid other clubs in community service projects.  Finally, as a club we like to honor the teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week by providing refreshments and needed school supplies.